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The news from my editor, Patrick Munnelly with Literary Wanderlust, is that HEAT INDEX is in its final revision stages. We are soooo close. I’m excited. Not sure of the launch date yet, but as soon as I get a cover and a blurb, I’ll share.

It’s getting hot in here!

Всего хорошего!

fsivo haroshiva

All the best!


Four more teaching days! Yes, it has been a long year. Productive, but long. Next week, I’m chaperoning our sixth graders in Suzdal, Russia. It’s a wonderful little town. It’s also a UNESCO site. Below are a few pics from Suzdal. I’m looking forward to the gingerbread and pottery master classes.

Update on my upcoming novels very soon!



Light filtered in from the cracks around the door next to the sofa where the girl lay motionless. He sat at a desk across the room, his head tipped back, eyes closed as his fingers tapped to the beat of the song flowing from the speakers on the wall and filling the room with its haunting lyrics. Hallelujah had become his anthem. His victory march.
She had been his first dance with death, but she wouldn’t be his last. He opened his eyes. His remorseless gaze burned brightly, adrenaline pumping hard through his veins. Vengeance had been even sweeter than expected. He had been patient. Smart. He had planned just how to get away with it. He had waited for so long. Decades. It had been worth it. The sense of power and gratification had been unimaginable. He relished the memory of her fear, of her life dimming and fading away. He savored that a while longer.
The man had chosen his first victim with the simple toss of a coin. Heads or tails? Brother or sister? Lincoln Lawrence was one lucky young man. Fate had favored him. The coin landing on tails had saved his life. His twin sister, Olivia, had not been so lucky.