Busy Revising and Writing!

Hello everyone!

I believe I have completed the revisions for my short story, FEARLESS HEART. At present, I am plotting the second book of my MIND BENDERS Series. I have never worked on a deadline before. It definitely pushes me to write every day.

I have had very little time for reading as of late but would love some new recommendations. What are you reading right now?

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!



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A New Journey!

I am revising several manuscripts at present. One for Literary Wanderlust Publishing; one for Dancing Lemur Press; and one for Scarsdale Publishing. I have also begun the second book in my MIND BENDERS Series for Scarsdale Publishing! This is so exciting, and I am so thankful for these opportunities.

Also, I’m buried calf-deep in snow here in Moscow. It was so pretty for a while. Now, I’m just cold! (Pic below)

Personal News:

My grandson made first chair over all low brass in his middle school band (Whoo hoo!); my oldest granddaughter was sent to the principal’s office because she thinks school is boring and would rather play than work. She’s 5 and the smartest munchkin I know! Seriously, ask her anything! (And anyway, I’m a teacher for goodness sake!), and my youngest granddaughter is smiling and laughing out loud! (Milestones!)


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What A Month!

December was very bitter and very sweet. The bitter was a tragic event, very personal to my family. The sweet was . . . I signed on with the Literary Wanderlust Team for my romantic suspense novel. Revisions are underway!

Then both of my short stories won places in anthologies. One will be launched in April by Dancing Lemur Press–Masquerade: Oddly Suited. Look for my story, FEARLESS HEART! I am still awaiting more information on the second short story.

Next . . . my crossover YA/NA series was contracted with Scarsdale Publishing for a 4-book minimum. I am one very happy author! My stories (children, really) are moving out into the world. Updates are coming soon!

Have a great beginning of the NEW YEAR! It is 2019! Can you believe it?